2-4 weeks following the ordering appointment or the final payment, your products will be ready for pickup.

Edit+deliver your   final images


1-2 weeks after the session, we'll go through your photos and choose the images and products you want to purchase.

Premiere Ordering Appointment


Seniors meet with hair & makeup first. After, they'll meet the photographers at the locations they've chosen for their session.

photographing the session


Each senior receives a style session where we advise on the best outfits along with planning locations for each outfit.

plan & prepare
for session


Once you decide to work with us, we send a DocuSign contract and collect the session fee or set up a payment plan.

sign contract
& pay session fee


If you're interested in working with us, we will schedule a consultation to discuss our different session & product options.

facetime/ Skype Consultation


Our simple 6 step process

- Kiah Thorson's Mom

"they are easy to work with and were a pleasure to meet. We enjoyed the different mini sessions offered and our travel to Hawaii! Absolute zero Photography has so many different options to choose, you can't go wrong! "

Bahamas Session

Luxe Session

Hawaii Session

What are you interested in learning more about?


These sessions have become some of our quickest sell outs! The Hawaii session gives one of the ultimate senior experiences with the ability to travel to either Hawaii while having your senior photos taken. You'll also get to have fun on your free days exploring the destination! 


Hawaii Session

Our most popular non destination session. You'll have the option to work with our makeup artist, shoot in multiple spots, and have as many outfits as we can fit in the time. You can also shoot with sports gear, pets, horses, or even snakes! It's yours to customize.


Luxe Session

This is our NEWEST destination session. If the idea of traveling to a slice of paradise in the Caribbean as a senior year trip makes your imagination run wild, then this once in a lifetime senior session destination cannot be missed! 


Bahamas Session

No. The session fee covers our time and expertise before and during your session. Digitals will be available for purchase alongside printed products such as wall portraits and albums. This is why most of our session options include a portrait credit that will be used towards your order.


We offer hair & makeup as a complimentary perk. We do not require our clients to use our stylist if they prefer to do their own. We found that charging separate for hair & makeup created an incentive to save money. We decided we would work with stylists and offer it at no additional cost. This helps us save time when it comes to retouching and seniors can choose based on preference over checkbook. 


Each senior customizes their session, products, digitals, etc. We can't give a set cost, but our seniors in general will spend anywhere from $725 to $2.800. Your cost will depend on how you customize your session and what is desired for the final product. This is why we meet before signing and meet again for the ordering appointment. This helps ensure we can guide you through the process and answer any questions that may arise.


The Premiere Ordering appointment is an in person appointment. We invite your family and friends to join. During this appointment, we will unveil your images from your session, choose your senior photo and order the digitals + prints you would like.


Social media files are intended to be used online such as Instagram, Facebook and email. These images are not appropriately sized for printing. Digital files are the opposite. These are sized for printing and include the print release to allow you to take the image to labs such as Shutterfly or Mpix to print yourself and as many times as you would like.


We handle all school photo submissions. Our goal is for you to stress as little as possible throughout the experience. During the Premiere Ordering appointment, you'll select the photo for the yearbook. Come the beginning of fall, we will have our seniors send us school deadlines. We will do final edits, crop to the school's required size and send you a proof. Once approved by you, we will send it to your school and let you know when it is confirmed by the yearbook.


We realized that some families needed a little buffer to be able to afford what they really wanted. This is why we started offering all of our clients the option to pay in full or break the total into monthly payments. We always say "some families don't need it, but like the ability to use it. Other families need it and appreciate the flexibility to allow them to order the products they want most! Payments are offered on almost all aspects of our senior experience from the session to the order.


Of course we offer digitals! If a studio does not offer digitals at this point, they are doing a disservice to their clients. We do still like for our clients to have something physical, so most of our digital options will include a print or printed product such as albums and or grad cards. We do have digital collections upon request.



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